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Chapter 2: Oh Crap!

Rating: M for most chapters of the story

Title: Whisper Something Fragile

Summary: All human. Bella starts her first year in college, leaving a not so pleasant experience during High school with her first love. Will she be able to heal again? Will she take the risk of trusting her heart to someone after what she has been through?

Disclaimer: The characters are all from the genius that is SMEYER.. :D

Chapter 2: Oh Crap!


After a long hour of drive to Seattle, I immediately found my way to Seattle University (a/n: sorry guys for the lack of knowledge about the University, I’m from Asia so I am not familiar with the Universities at the States.. bare with me. Lol) I parked in front of the campus where the dorms are located. After a few seconds of looking at the façade, I turned off the engine and got out of my truck. I stared at the building in front of me.

The university had been built since the 80’s and it seems obvious from the color and design of the buildings. It wasn’t old like the beatles old (no offense,, I love the beatles,, just cant think of any comparison). It looked like the buildings were remodeled but had a hint of maturity to it.

“I like it”.. I silently muttered to myself. After what seemed to be a minute or so of gazing at the university, I went to the back of my truck to pick up my things. Just when I was about to get my luggage, three cars went pass me which seemed to came out from a drag race. I was taken aback and hit my back to the door of my truck though it didn’t cause me pain.

“Urgh!!”… assholes… I thought to myself. After regaining my composure I took a peak from the three cars that almost killed me… okay may be not killed me, but still…

the first car was a yellow Porsche, the second a black jeep and the third one was a shiny Volvo. “Great!” I muttered to myself… another rich spoiled brats… college will be awesome! (Feel the sarcasm there?? Lol)

I don’t need this. I came to college to get away from Forks,. From rich brats who always get their way not caring who they come across with. I hated rich kids, well not all rich kids persé… just rich, gorgeous, sweep-you-off-your-feet brats who uses their charm to make you fall in love with them, try to get into your pants and find out one day that they’re cheating on you with a dumb shallow blonde slut in their bedroom!!! Well,,, that was way too specific… grrr!! Him…shoving off the memories now!!

I heaved a deep sigh and tried my best to ignore them. So, I picked up my bags and was about to go inside the campus when one by one, they came out of their cars. The one riding in the yellow Porsche was a small pixie-like girl, spiky brown hair with a huge grin on her face.

Along with him was a slightly curly blonde haired guy, probably 6’5 in height that towered the little pixie. They looked cute together, I thought. The guy immediately went to the pixie girl and put his hands around her waist and gave her quick peck. They’re together,,, figures,,????

Then the man in the jeep came out next. Does anyone heard of the saying what car you drive defines you? Well I think I heard that before and yeah, I can see that now. The guy with the jeep was huge! He had a fitted short that truly accentuate his well toned body, probably taller than the guy with the pixie girl. After getting out of the jeep, he immediately ran around to get the door from the passenger’s side, and it was then that I totally felt overwhelmed.

The moment the girl from the jeep stepped her toes on the ground, my eyes popped wide. She was gorgeous! Well if there was another word for that, it would be her. She had long blonde hair that draped up to her hips, curves of a wine bottle and a face that would probably launch a thousand ships…*too much?? Well she was that gorgeous!!* Man, I thought to myself, beauty and money,,, why are they staying at a college like these? They would probably get in to Stanford, Harvard or to any college they want with those assets.

I tugged in a deep sigh and was about to walk inside when I realized that the one driving the Volvo hasn’t gotten out of the car yet. Out of curiosity, I waited for that person to come out so I stayed at my spot.

The second the guy from the Volvo came into view, I felt my breathing stopped. Literally!!! He had bronze just-got-out-of-bed hair, *but not the disgusting i-havent-showered-in-a-week type of hair, no… his hair was messy in a very sexy way, wait what?? Sexy??*

He had green eyes that would probably make any girl melt when they stare into them… man, I loved those green orbs,,, wheeew!! he had pale white skin, but not too pale, like a-vampire-just-sucked-out-all-of-my-blood type of pale (*wink*wink!! Lol) His skin looked smooth…God I want to stroke those cheeks… And don’t get me started on those lips... He had pinkish red lips that seemed to have a life of its own.. I mean, it’s like its taunting me to get closer, press my lips to his and stay there forever…. Wait... What?? I need to stop!!

I shook my head rather roughly to get the thought out of my mind. I can’t be thinking these thoughts. I mean, I don’t even know him and I’m already drooling over this guy? Who does he think he is? Guys like these are all the same. They’ll use their charm and their wealth to make you fall in love with them and just when you’re about to give all of you to them, they end up breaking your heart by sleeping with some blonde slut…. I hate this!! This guy makes me think of what happened to me in the past… Him…

I felt my eyes starting to tear up, but I held back the sobs… I just need to stay away from this man... Good luck with that... Sigh…

Once I gathered my stuff, about to take the first step towards the campus, I sneaked a quick glance at the beautiful boy. Wait, what? Did he just smile at me? No, no, no… that wasn’t a smile, that was a smirk,, even so,, it was gorgeous. The moment I looked at those stunning grin of his, I felt like I would choke! Why does he have this effect on me! I don’t even know him! Ggrrr!! I hate this feeling!! He’s just like him… he’s just like him…I chanted at the back of my mind… his smile was like a magnet pulling me to look even closer…

Being Bella, I tripped over the pavement in the front lot and almost fell flat on my face because of ogling at this gorgeous guy…

“Dammit!!” I hissed.

I looked over and his smile grew wider like he was enjoying my humiliation. Huh... Asshole!!

I quickly composed myself and headed inside the campus. God! I hated this guy even before I knew him!! Who does he think he is? With His beautiful perfect face, his glistening alluring eyes and his perfect leering smile, does he think he can get to me? No, no, no,,,, I wont let him.

I intend college to be a pleasant experience for me, a fresh start! I’m here to forget about Forks, about everything!! And one look at this guy and he already had this effect on me??? I won’t let him… I wont!!

After going to the registration office, I immediately went to find my room. I pushed the key on the knob and took a glance at the room. It was big and had three bedrooms, two on one side of the wall and the other bed on the opposite side.

It has only one bathroom though but that’s fine by me. I walked in and settled my bags on the single bed on the wall and looked around. It had a small but tidy kitchen. Great, I love to cook!

After looking around, I slumped myself on the bed with a deep sigh…

“I need rest…” I told myself.

Just when I was about to drift off to sleep, I heard a squeal at the door that made me jump immediately off the bed, knocking me on the ground (since the bed was not that huge)

“Yey! Room mate!!” the person from the door eagerly yelled.

“Oh crap... This is not good...”

A/N: so how about it? Reviews please!! This is my first fanfic so go easy on me guys… heheheh sorry if there are details on the story that seem to be incoherent about the university, (im not from the states so bear with me).. so let me know what you think!!

*partner in crime… watchatink??? Hahahaha..*

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